RzK Network Supervision
Monitoring, Management,Loss Detection, Quality Assurance and Traffic Accounting
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Solutions for a clear view of your network

If your network gets out of control you will lose its benefits. Our software products will put you into the position to know what happens in your network to guarantee its long term profits.

Our Products cover the following scope:

At latest when the first problems occur you will need to know what’s happening in your network. Therefore our products are real trouble-shooters. To get out the most of our software we recommend you to use them permanently to achieve error prevention.

Automated periodic scans of networks unfold their real power. Our programs can supervise even big heterogeneous networks with thousand of nodes. The programs gather their information via soft or hardware probes, SNMP agents, NetFlow* data from switches or routers and active performance and accessibility tests.

With our tools you can accumulate a long term pool of network and station parameters including networks traffic matrixes. This growing knowledge base helps you to spot bottle-necks and you can track down intruders (Intrusion Detection). Additionally you can count the traffic of your customers (accounting).

*NetFlow is a registered trademark of Cisco Inc.