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RzK NetReport

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Our new product NetReport combines the power of our successful Address Wizard with SNMP and accounting functionality.

NetReport reports what is happening in your network without human intervention.

It automatically finds all SNMP devices in your network including switches, routers, printers etc. and then permanently gathers port measurements from selected SNMP agents. You do not have to input addresses or agent names manually like in other products.

All data is saved in web pages which can easily be published. The port based data (load, collision and error rate, packet- broadcast- and multicast-traffic) is collected and stored in daily lists and graphics. The data can easily be used for port based billing and accounting.

The Web-reports include:

  • a list with all active IP-Addresses on your network
  • showing the last time a watched element was available.
  • logs about new stations, the reset of stations, up and down of ports
  • load, collisions and other reports from SNMP-Agents during the day
  • automatic generation of chart diagrams
  • changes of MAC and IP Addresses

    • Send ARP, Ping and SNMP requests or listens passively to the network traffic to discover active stations
    • Collects SNMP data of the found devices
    • Logs and port measurements are stored on well linked Web-pages

    • Easy access to the stored data via a web calendar
    • Automatic generation of chart diagrams
    • Ready for port based billing (exports measured traffic via csv files daily / monthly)

NetReport is available in these versions:
NetReport Version:"Lite""Standard""Large""Enterprise"
Save data as webpages:yesyesyesyes
Maximum number of network elements to supervise:501005002000
Maximum number of ports to monitor and account:501005002000

Other versions on request.