RzK Network Supervision
Monitoring, Management,Loss Detection, Quality Assurance and Traffic Accounting
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VoIP-specific Network Readiness Assessment and Troubleshooting

  • completely automatic search for testpartners
  • fast network testing by simulating RTP traffic over ICMP without having to install or start any client software
  • accomplishes pseudocalls with real effects on the net
  • detects delay, jitter, loss, max. gap
  • included webserver to download UDP echoclient-software f
  • adjustable profiles (G.711, G.729…)
  • global broadcast rating of LAN
  • Result: malingered conversations lead to real data on the net
  • Reports as TXT, Html, SQL
  • detailed graphics for packet loss, delay and jitter


Installing NetQuality and using the included Webserver to distribute the client-software 

Install NetQuality on a PC System using the network and start it. NetQuality includes a webserver, which can be used to download a test-client. The program uses the testclients to do pseudocalls and records the delay, jitter,losts an max.gap.

On the left you can see the main menu. Except the described network tests NetQuality can also be used to analyze several connections in detail. 


The real netload is ascertained by using pseudocalls

The result of one or more test runs contains the average and max. delay, jitter and the actual loss if packets were lost. The pseudo-loss means the loss that occurs, because the Real-Time-Protokoll (RTP) would drop packets when the jitter is too high. Additionaly the packet-loss produced by a high broadcast load in the network is calculated. This value depends on the capability of the ip-phone hardware.



A database of the test runs  

The data of several test runs can be viewed under various points. It is favourable to view the data of a moment when problems have appeared and take a look at the details and the stations involved. You can find a graphic of a network that "managed" the test:

The graphic on the right shows the intraday of talks that had a max. packet loss of 2%. Only two talks got a packet loss over 1%. The rest of them are clearly under 0,5%.

But who wants to look into the future? Only by repeated measurements you can recognize trends. Therefore you should run repeated measurements and keep track of them.

Network errors and others problems can be analyzed and isolated with our software products NetControl and NetReport.





For more information on NetQuality VoiP, please contact us: info@rzk.com