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Billing / Accounting with NetControl for Windows

The Accounting option of NetControl allows to balance a customers account resp. any station for the network traffic. Depending on the networkstructur you have different applications: here a selection of possible scenarios:

  1. Accounting with NetFlow* capable switches / routers
  2. NetFlow* common procedure
  3. Accounting without NetFlow*

      1. You use NetFlow* capable switches / routers:

      Scenario 1: You use a NetFlow* - capable router for your Internet-connection. You only want to measure the traffic to the internet.: A RzK NetFlow* probe receives the data from the NetFlow* router and forwards it to NetControl with accounting option.

      Accounting with NetControl with NetFlow capable routers and switches

      Scenario 2: NetFlow* Probe common procedure: the NetFlow* probe collects the data from one or more routers or switches and forwards them to NetControl. In this case you can bill the internet connection and the traffic in your intranet and build a communicationmatrix (who exchanges how much data whith whom).

      Accounting with NetControl and NetFlow common procedure with RzK Flow probe

      Scenario 3: You don't use NetFlow* capable switches or routers - the billing is produced directly by NetControl. You have a switched network with routers / switches without NetFlow* functions. The internet connection is a single line. You simply want to measure the traffic to the internet. NetControl is connected to the internet connection via a non-switching hub. The data is being evaluated dierctly by NetControl. Instead of billing the uplink you could also bill from the backbone (as shared medium).

      Accounting with NetControl without NetFlow

      *NetFlow is a registered trakemark of Cisco Inc