RzK Network Supervision
Monitoring, Management,Loss Detection, Quality Assurance and Traffic Accounting
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NetControl Details

NetControl receives its data from up to 350 probes distributed all over the network. The probes may be from different types. With its two "internal" probes NetControl can evaluate the data on the network segment the PC running NetControl is connected to. Additional probes can be installed on the other (remote) segments.

If your network is "fully" switched, this means nearly every station has its own port on a switch, the RzK Flow probe can collect the NetFlow packets provided by today’s manageable switches and routers.

The NetControl probes can supervise IP or MAC-addresses. In case of MAC, the addresses given by the burned in network card of a station is monitored, in case of IP, the IP addresses of the stations are taken. In case of IP this allows a view beyond a router and so it is easy to find out which external address has accessed your net resp. which internal station has called which external server. Also the used IP services can be recorded: nntp, http, ftp ...

  • NetControl gives information about the traffic in (ethernets) LANs.
  • NetControl gives an overview over the net's behaviour.
  • It allows to recignize problems early.
  • It holds information about the events before a network error.
  • It allows to recognize sneaking changes.
  • NetControl analyses MAC-, IP-addresses and IP-services.
  • It saves daily station-reports.
  • It helps to identify unknown stations on the net. You see who is accessing your net from outside, which services where used and which stations where involved.
  • Huge networks are supervised through remote probes.
  • NetControl allows remote maintenance and diagnose from outside.
  • NetControl saves all data in Html-Format and therefore produces platform independant overviews.
  • NetControl produces graphics of the most important network parameters in GIF-Format.

Hardware requirements:

  • IBM compatible Pentium PC system with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 or XP operating system,
  • Ethernet adapter with NDIS Driver for Windows OS.

Features of NetControl:

  • Splits the traffic in user definable time intervals (15 seconds till 24 hours).
  • Can handle up to 40,000 Addresses (depending on the license).
  • Automatical recognition of unknown addresses.
  • Sums up the number of received an sent packets or bytes per station every day.
  • Records the time of the first and last occurance per station and day
  • Generation of accounting-files for the usage of the net as week-, month- or yearstatistics.
  • Each user ca be given access to his own accounting data. These are stored in a separate directory(-tree) per user.

NetControl measures, controls and records the following parameters:

  • Netload in Percent,
  • Packets per second,
  • Collisions per second,
  • Errors per second,
  • Length distribution of the packets, per time-interval
  • number of active stations and communication pairs

Hitlists shown by NetControl:

NetControl shows numerous hitlists of the last intervals. Hitlists of "Top ten" (or Top 100) of different categories:

  • most active stations, 
  • most active broadcast senders,
  • Manufacturer (the first three byte of the MAC-address) with the most packets,
  • Connectionpairs, that exchange the most packets,
  • Connectionpairs, where one partner doesn't answer, (one sided connection)
  • The IP networks with the most traffic
  • The IP services with the greatest traffic.
  • most active external stations (staions which are not in the local IP subnet).

NetControl monitors Alarms:

It is possible to define threshold limits that trigger alarms. An alarm can start any program (for sending an email or SMS).

Recorded data:

  • The data is saved in HTML-formated files.
  • NetControl is designed to record data over years.
  • Graphics can be generated and integrated into the web pages automatically for all networkparameters.

Licence and Registration of NetControl:

NetControl can be downloaded freely. The downloaded version runs in a demonstration mode or in a restricted mode. The restricted mode allows gathering of real network data, but the number of addresses is limited to 25 and the data sampling process automatically stops after 3 days.

If you want to use the software permanentely you need to buy a personalized registration code. This registration code may only be used on one computer. You are not allowed to distribute or copy your licence file or personalised key: ncw.snp.
Any change or disassembly of the program is forrbiden strictly.

Software License Agreement: RzK GmbH makes no warranties, either impressed or implied, with respect to this software, its quality, performance, merchantability or fitness for any particular purposes. The entire risk is with the user. In the event of loss or damage caused or alleged by the NetControl program, the user (and not RzK GmbH, its distributors or its retailers) assumes the entire cost of all necessary servicing, repair or correction.

NetFlow is a registered trademark of Cisco System Inc.