Supervision of Networks

Supervising a network is somewhere between searching for bottle necks, security holes, accounting, troubleshooting and long-term analysis for finding trends.

This is a wide spectrum of tasks. Most manageable network components can provide valuable data. In this case you do not need expensive extra measurement hardware. But of course you should look carefully at the meaning of the measured data. The name of the parameters may mislead you. The number of broadcasts, multicasts, frames, diverse errors only regards the frames which crossed the device. Therefore if you want to know the net load of a segment connected to a port you can not simply add the In- and Out Bytes of the respective port.

To answer the question "who talked how much to whom over which port" you either have to install additional probes (The question for the communication matrix can not be answered by SNMP Agents) or you have to use switches and routers which can provide NetFlow* information.

RzK has learned from most of its customers, that long term network supervision is very important. It can save valuable time during the critical task of troubleshooting. In case of an error essential data is already available. This data can also help you when you install new switches and routers
Our tools can collect network data "fully automatically" with low manpower cost. A network supervision should include: Ethernet and IP monitoring and recording, SNMP-recording, flow analysis, station detection, daily statistics, intrusion and VLAN detection, momentary and daily hit lists, accessibility tests provided in the form of understandable and easy to read web pages.


*NetFlow is a registered trademark of Cisco Inc